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Block Unsafe/Adult Internet Control
Exposure to unsafe and adult content suddenly appearing on the screens is the last thing you want your family to experience when online. NetGenie offers a protective shield from harmful Internet content for your family by blocking potentially unsafe websites and applications like pornography, Spyware-infected, nudity, and more, over all devices like laptops, desktops, iPads, iPhones, and more.
Age-Appropriate Internet Access for Kids
Ensure that your kids do not access Facebook, chat and other Internet content before they reach the appropriate age with NetGenie that allows kids to access only those websites and applications that are deemed safe for their age groups. Setting up parental controls is a breeze with NetGenie. Simply slide over from one age-group to the other in the NetGenie GUI to create the level of Internet access you want to give to your kids. NetGenie comes with pre-categorized websites and applications that are regularly updated and which take away the inconvenience of manually putting in the website URLs you want to allow or block.
Manage Access to Facebook, Chat, Games for Kids
Limit your kids’ access to Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Online Games and more with NetGenie’s advanced parental controls that let you allow or block specific Internet activities of your kids. Limit the time your kids spend on specific websites and applications with NetGenie’s time-based controls for Internet access. No more worrying yourself about those mid-night gaming or endless surfing and chat sessions!
Customize Internet Access based on Your Needs
NetGenie gives you the flexibility to add specific websites and applications that should be allowed/blocked to match the Internet access needs of your kids. NetGenie’s ‘Website Exceptions’ feature enables you to apply a universal rule for customizing Internet access for the entire family in just a few clicks.
Reports on Online Activities
NetGenie gives you all information you need about security in your home network as well as your kids’ Internet activities– websites visited, online applications used, attempts to visit blocked websites and more – with its logs and reports.
  • Which Companies on the Internet should you Trust your Private Data with?

    Popular Social Media high on privacy parameters, Snapchat Lags behind

    An informative report for Internet users published by Electronic Frontier Foundation, Who Has Your Back – rates online companies and their policies in protecting the privacy of their online userRead More

  • ‘Statistics(2013)’ that spell danger

    The Risks Children Face Online
    1.Victims of Cyberbullying
    2.Posting Private information
    3.Exposure to Inappropriate Content Online
    4.Victims of Online Sexual Solicitation
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  • Is Privacy Dead in the Age of Big Data & Internet?

    A massive volume of both structured and unstructured data
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  • A Peep into the World of Online Tracking & its Privacy Implications

    There is lot of noise over online tracking and its said impact on privacy. It never seems to subside. However, as a common Internet user, one never tends to peep into the mechanism of it all, not wishing to get into the drag of technicalities.
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  • List of Bad Links on Facebook & Why You shouldn’t Click on them

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  • Parents Beware of Free Apps that Kids Use

    Relatively small number of companies receive information from a large number of apps. This means those companies could potentially develop detailed profiles of kids based on their use across different apps
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  • Parents Remain unaware even as Children Trudge through Dangers of Cyber World

    McAfee’s survey on child safety online released last week reveals that children on the net live a dangerous life and parents are not particularly aware of the risks that their children face online. The new research backed findings on Internet-related issues throw light and help bring a clear understanding around issues especially for users and parents concerned with the online safety for kids.
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  • Stay Safe & Shop Safely Online this Cyber Monday and the whole of Holiday Season

    Cyber criminals are always at their best and work overtime during holiday season, much to the discomfort of Internet users, especially online shoppers. A couple of years back, the search term "Cyber Monday Deals" on Google saw a 400% increase. Speaking about Cyber Monday, it is the first Monday after the Thanksgiving Day that signifies the online shopping spree for holiday season till Christmas. To know more, click here on Geniepedia.
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  • Stay Safe against Phishing Attack: Dodge its Damaging Tricks

    Most Internet users are aware of the terms “Phishing”, but when it comes to avoiding or dodging Phishing attacks, a fair number among us remain clueless. To begin with, Phishing is a technique in which cybercriminals try to steal confidential/sensitive/personal information by tricking you to trust their mails or fake sites.
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  • Block Unwanted Sites on your Child’s PC, Enable Safe Search

    As parents of young impressionable children and with concerns on matter related to online safety for kids, there must have been more than one occasion when you have been worried your children might get exposed to inappropriate sites and content on the Internet or could be wasting time on social media when the exams are around the corner.
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  • Social Media Basics and How to Remain Safe on them

    When celebrity singer Justin Bieber’s rude tweet popped up on his 19 millions fan screens, they knew his account was hacked. So were other celebrities’ like Ashton Kutcher and Selena Gomez. Not to forget that Obama’s social media account is the most targeted by hackers.
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  • Worried over social media activities parents snoop on children as safety measure

    The recent controversy over a beheading video that Facebook allowed on its site underscored the concerns that parents have over their children’s social media activities and issues around online safety for kids.
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  • How Google’s change of terms on “Shared Endorsements” affect Users?

    Just as we were talking about Facbook’s Facial recognition technology and the way it can impact our privacy on our blog, there comes along another dampener on user privacy as Google announced changes to its Terms of Service on 11th October regarding ad formats.
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  • Facial Recognition Feature on Facebook can Violate your Privacy!

    There has been a lot of buzz around the Facial Recognition feature of Facebook and privacy rights groups have been protesting hard over it. So what is the big deal about it? Well while the tagging of photos may seem harmless, Facebook has built up a huge database of user photos – an estimated 15 billion photos! It utilizes them to makes biometric finger prints to match photos and recognize a user within 60 seconds.
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  • Stop & Think before you Scan that QR Code from your Smartphone!

    So you and one your children are enthusiastic smartphone users and clicking QR codes is a new found habit? Well a little caution could be used here because QR codes may be the new conduit to compromise your devices. Recent reports have emerged to reveal that QR codes in fake game downloads have been quietly infecting smartphone users. And that’s no surprise because smartphones have been proliferating and users are all too happy to experiment with their smartphones.
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  • Online Dictionary for Parents Puzzled with Language their Children use Online

    A study by Disney’s Club Penguin - the online virtual world for children - has revealed that nearly two-thirds of parents admitted to not having a good grasp of the language their children use online. Definitely not a good sign for matters of online safety for kids! Almost seven in ten parents surveyed were unable to identify whether commonly used words and phrases online had a positive or negative meaning.
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  • Facing Online Trouble, Worried Users Hide their Identity, Wipe their Digital Footprints

    Research backed new findings on Internet-related issues are the best piece of information that can keep users and parents concerned with the online safety for kids, updated and aware. The new research by Pew Research Center says that a huge number of people prefer hiding their online identity and take some steps to clear their digital footprints. While this may not be good news for businesses that rely on Internet in a major way to drive sales and carry out e-commerce, it does indicate a rising awareness on the issue of online privacy.
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  • Don’t Be Click Happy: Look before you are Clickjacked

    As a user and a parent concerned with the online safety for kids, it is good to be familiar with buzzwords around the Internet security. It helps you remain safe online. One such buzzword is clickjacking, a word that keeps popping up whenever one reads about scams particularly regarding social networks and more specifically, Facebook scams.
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  • A Look into which Browsers Best Protect your Privacy and how

    A recent report from NSS labs presented a comparative study of browser detailing how each fared on several privacy parameters. As a user and as a parent with concerns on online safety for kids how is this news relevant to you? Well to begin with, know well that the browsers you use – Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, etc are the doors that open up the big, bad and beautiful world of Internet for you. And just like you need to pay attention to the main door to keep your homes protected, you need to pay attention to your browsers for a secure and private Internet experience.
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  • Survey Says Privacy Concern Rises among Teens with Mobile Devices

    The rising concerns on online privacy among teens is highlighted by a survey conducted by Pew Research Center which reveals that many "teen apps users" have taken steps to uninstall or avoid apps over concern about their privacy. It is to be noted that as teens adopt more and more smartphones and tablets, there has been a corresponding rise in download of apps by them.
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  • Anyone Sharing your PC/System can See your Saved Passwords within Seconds

    Did you know that if you have ever saved your passwords, even by mistake, then popular browsers like Chrome, IE, etc can store them and anyone who shares your machine can very easily see them? Just type in chrome://settings/passwords and click on the saved password list.
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  • Phone Charger Hack Yet another Eye Opener to the Dangers of Connected World

    The internet is abuzz with yet another security issue. It calls for all users and particularly parents concerned with online safety for kids to stay updated. Next time when you or your children plug in your smartphone for a quick charge at an airport or hotel desk, think twice. You could be handing over each and every detail of your smartphone to the cybercriminals.
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  • Block Unwelcome Friends on Facebook without ‘Unfriending’ Them

    NetGenie has been coming up with regular updates and advisories on how to handle social media and your online profile. Of late privacy issues related to Facebook crop up with increasing frequency. It adds to your worries as your kids are invariably present on Facebook.
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  • The 10 Golden Rules for Staying Safe Online

    All aspects of life are governed by some cardinal principles. Applying those principles helps to gain success and peace of mind to a greater degree. If you have a PC and are connected online, this blog will enlighten you on the basic and easy routine to stay safe online.
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  • The Dangers Posed by ActiveX Controls & why you need to Disable them

    You have been surfing the Internet and suddenly a message pops up saying “Internet Explorer has blocked this site from using an ActiveX control in an unsafe manner.” You wonder what it is and whether it can cause harm to your PC? To begin with, it is good to get around an issue that catches your attention and raises concerns in you, especially if it concerns your safety.
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  • Social Bots on Facebook Compromise your Security

    Did you know that some of your friends on Facebook may not be real humans but bots programmed to steal your private data and influence your buying decisions? Yes, your social network may be infiltrated with social bots. Traditionally botnets are not designed to pose a threat to social networks as users can easily tell the difference between artificial and real people.
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  • Study says 71 % of users practice self censorship while posting on Facebook

    Parents today are increasingly wary of their kids posting indiscriminately on Facebook in a culture that unabashedly encourages over-sharing. However, a refreshing break comes in the form of a recent study by Carnegie Mellon university of students that suggest that 71 percent of Facebook users think twice before posting on the site.
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  • Study Reveals Teens who Text More are More Likely to be Shallow

    Parents keep worrying over the texting habits of their children and it seems they have a point. A recent study from University of Winnipeg revealed that teens who text more are more likely to be shallow. It announced the startling fact after a carefully designed and long research spread across three consecutive years.
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  • Enabling email Features for More Security & Enhanced Efficiency

    So many times you regret sending an email and wish you could go back in time and undo the act? Did you know you can actually do it? And did you know if somebody has been snooping on your mail there is a way to know it? Let us see, as a web mail user how we can adopt practices that make our email more secure and private.
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  • How to Deal with Kids Posting Photos on Instagram Rampantly

    The popularity of Instagram, a photo sharing app, among teens is a raging phenomenon. However, recently when it announced beauty contest on its site, thousands of young impressionable girls – as young as 12 and 13 posted their photos for others to judge.
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  • Keep a Check on your Digital Profile and Stay Secure Online

    This is an age in which information is freely available. As they say, nothing is more empowering than information but there is a flip side to it as well. While Internet makes information easily available for common good, the same cannot be said about personal information that leaks out on it.
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  • Deal with Caution the Issue of ‘Copyright’ on Web Content

    The recent news on how the US plans to implement the dreaded ’6 strikes and you’re out’ copyright law for online content, made many people sit up and probe further into the whole issue. Basically, the 6 strikes law implies that if there is a copyright complaint against the user more than 6 times, the user will no longer be able to access the Internet.
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  • Know the Apps your Teens are Using and their Related Security Concerns

    So your teens just shared with you that they are using Kik Messenger for chatting and Instagram for sharing photos and you have no idea what it means. Well, it sure sounds Latin but a few minutes of effort on your part and you might well be hooked to using them yourself!
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  • Survey Says Majority of Teens Suffer Cyber Bullying in Silence

    Even as the news of 13-year-old Mackenzie Murphy’s attempted suicide because of cyber bullying refuses to die out, a study by reveals that majority of teens suffer cyber bullying silently as only a third of them report it.
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  • Stay Secure against email-based security threats to your PC

    As parents you may wish to stay updated with latest issues related to online safety & practices and even look for a suitable security solution for your home PC or network of PCs in order to secure your children’s online safety. However, one often tends to overlook the safe practices with respect to emails.
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  • Survey Says Smartphone Owners Lax on Security

    According to a survey conducted by the security company, McAfee, three out of every ten smartphone owners do not have a password on the device. If they lose their phones or if their phones are accessed with malafide intentions, then there are high chances that their e-mail, bank account, credit card information and other sensitive details will be compromised.
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  • Smart phones……… Internet …….the phenomenon of War Texting

    Did you know that the smart phone that you just bought for your teen could also be used for unlocking the car and carrying out several other functions by sending a simple SMS? And did you know that the same could be used by a hacker to attack your children’s modern day connected devices?
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  • Understanding the Big Fuss over Disabling Java in your Browser

    As a parent you are concerned with your child’s online safety. Therefore you have been religiously searching the Internet to keep up with all that trends and topics to raise your awareness. But the current crop of advisories on disabling Java in your browser keeps propping up a bit too frequently for your comfort.
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  • Did you Know Tracking Children Online is more Rampant than Tracking Adults?

    This is the age of information and being aware about cyber issues is very important for all of us. The reason is that the real life is deeply entwined with life and activities on the Internet. And for parents, awareness of such issues is all the more important to be able to protect children against the dangers presented by online activities.
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  • Online Privacy: Raising Awareness & Protecting it

    On the morning of 7th February, 2013, the commuters in Silicon Valley were greeted with a huge billboard put by Microsoft near Google’s office. It read, “Hey Google stop going through people’s email to sell ads.” The corporate war between the two IT giants has put the spotlight on issue of online privacy like never before.
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  • Thwart Internet Addiction before it Thwarts your Child

    Almost all studies on Internet addiction present a direct correlation between age and online addiction and also between age and neglect of work. Thus teenagers and young adults are more likely to be hooked to the Internet than any other age group which in turn affects their work and life negatively.
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  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Password Security & Discipline

    Your kid is six and already wants a Gmail account in his/her name. A proud moment for parents indeed as your kids take their first baby steps into the Cyber world. However, this should also turn into an occasion for imparting education on password good practices and introducing them to elementary security concepts.
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  • Safe Online Gaming Practices for Children

    According to a recent EU Survey report, 83% of all children worldwide play games online. It indicates the popularity of online games with children and the need to keep your child’s online gaming safe, age-appropriate, and positively instructive.
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  • Set Ground Rules for your Teens before Buying them Smart Phones

    The New Year heralds new beginnings. And as your children step into their magical teens many of you parents would be finally buying the smart phones that they have been pining for. Last year a report by Pew Research & American Life project revealed that nearly 25 percent of children surveyed between the ages of 14 and 17 already have one.
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  • Acquaint yourself with Netlingo to Keep Kids safe on Internet

    While snooping around your kid is never a good idea, a little familiarization with the new-age net lingo that kids use, can go a long way in brushing up your parental instincts towards their online safety. After all pornography, predators, bullies, and more thrive in the cyber world waiting for opportunities to ensnare gullible and young kids.
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  • Children Need to Mindfully use the Privacy Settings on Social Media

    Randi Zuckerberg posted a family photo on Facebook which was meant to be viewed by her friends only. But it went viral as a Twitter user shared them. Randi was obviously not happy given the intimate family setting of the image. Not an unusual occurrence you would say. Well not really but she happens to be the sister of Marc Zuckerberg ─ founder CEO of Facebook!
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  • Harvard Report says Parents Worried over Teens’ Online Data, Reputation & Interaction

    A report produced by Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society delved into subject of parents, teens, and online privacy in times when the cyber world is increasingly entwined with the real life of children.
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  • Securing Children against the Increasing Menace of Cyber Stalking

    A couple of months back when James S. Allen was arrested and sent on trial for child sexual exploitation and abuse several teenage girls and their parents felt relieved. These girls – mostly underage ─ lived in terror and constant threat of this Cyber stalker. The stalker initiated contact with the girls by telling them that he had found their naked images on the Internet.
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  • Sensitizing Kids of Different Age Groups on Risks and Online Safety

    As parents you need to be patient and consistent in guiding your kids towards online safety. This is one of the most assured ways and goes a long way in establishing secure surfing habits among them.

    However, one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t apply here. There needs to be different approaches for different age groups. For kids below 10 years of age, you need to communicate the basic concepts of risks involved in online surfing, elicit questions and be open and honest with them.
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  • Protecting your Kids on an Internet Swarming with Dangerous Apps

    It has not been long since the public outcry against a mobile App ‘Girls Around Me’, forced its developers to finally withdraw it. The application helped users locate and identify girls who had, in turn, used location services of popular ‘Foursquare’─ yet another app ─ to check in nearby venues. Parents of young girls were horrified at the “stalker” app that blatantly exposed data about women, especially young vulnerable girls. But not every dangerous app is withdrawn and some of them keep posing threats to kids.
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  • Save their CV’s Right now!

    Imagine this! Your teen kid is cyber bullying his junior on a public social platform. At an age of 14, mocking at a junior won’t matter. But at the age of 21, when your kid grows up to a respectable tween searching for a job, an online search by his/her employer has very good chance of landing on the mockery he/she made of someone all those years back. Today’s generation is living in an age where their online reputation will matter more than their business cards in future.
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  • Keep Your Kids Protected from Violence in Online Gaming!

    Blood and gore. Intense violence. Sexual content. Hitting the target. Use of drugs. These are few of the phrases that are used to describe the content of several games in the Grand Theft Auto series, one of the most popular video game series among teenagers. According to a research, about 97% of kids between 12-17 years have played some type of game online and two-thirds of them have played games with violent content. Boys are more likely to play violent games online than girls.
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  • Facebook unaware of under-age accounts!

    What is that Facebook doesn’t really know? No guesses, it is your REAL AGE!
    While creating an account, a plain policy on Facebook prohibits anyone under the age of 13 to operate the account. According to the reports confirmed by Facebook, out of all the kids on Facebook, 2 out of 5 kids are under the age of 13! Although Facebook claims that it identifies and removes the underage accounts, it’s a tall task at hand.
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  • The .xxx world is lurking around your kid!

    Porn- The world of adults… Ever thought how does it affect your kids? We all know the Internet is filled with porn. In Internet lingo, it is known as Cyberporn. An ExtremeTech report says, "Porn industry comes third after Google and Facebook. 30 % of total global Internet traffic is porn." ExtremeTech talked to YouPorn, the second largest porn site, about how many people use their "services".
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  • How safe are you on Facebook?

    Facebook is no new word for any of us. It has changed, the very way we interact with our friends, family and colleagues, by facilitating sharing and ease of use. With more than 900 million users and still growing, Facebook has become a seemingly irreplaceable part of everyone’s online experience, is precisely why, Facebook vulnerabilities and scams, hurt most of us.
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  • Is "I'll Facebook you!" the New "BYE"?

    Likes, Status updates, comments, pokes, uploading and tagging photos- welcome to the blue and white world called Facebook! Virtually, Facebook is the third largest country thanks to hyper activity of its netizens. With 2, 77,000 logins each minute, Facebook is the hub for social activity.
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  • Zip the Gap with NetGenie

    An email from a father to his teenage son:


    Your mom and I are waiting for you over the dinner table.  Come soon.


    Astonished? Don't be. This is the scenario we all live in today. The e-generation of present times strives on 'Likes' and 'Shares', emails and tweet.  With Internet becoming a need from luxury, it has brought a lot number of changes affecting families, their psychologies and relationships.

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  • Are the Guns Falling Silent?

    You know your Internet parental control tool at home is working when your kids start hating it! A loud curse here when Facebook gets blocked or a "I-swear-to-God…" being muttered when Yahoo Messenger is not allowed access to…However, the globe seems to be tilting a little bit on its axis. Internet parental controls are moving away from being the antagonists in your kids’ online world.
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  • Things are not what they ought to be!

    As a parent, you cannot slip into an "Internet oblivion", thanks to your kids’ hyper-active Internet profile. A Kaiser Family Foundation report says that the average 8-18 year old spends 90 minutes a day on the Internet visiting sites that have nothing to do with schoolwork. The double whammy is that most kids have computers right within the four walls of their rooms.
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  • Is your Kid on the Internet turning you into a Helicopter Parent?

    Most of us wish no life without the Internet. But if you are a parent of a kid aged between 5-15 years, you most certainly stand to disagree. You would wish the Internet were a "not-so-important" part of your kids’ lives !
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