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Block Unsafe/Adult Internet Control
Exposure to unsafe and adult content suddenly appearing on the screens is the last thing you want your family to experience when online. NetGenie offers a protective shield from harmful Internet content for your family by blocking potentially unsafe websites and applications like pornography, Spyware-infected, nudity, and more, over all devices like laptops, desktops, iPads, iPhones, and more.
Age-Appropriate Internet Access for Kids
Ensure that your kids do not access Facebook, chat and other Internet content before they reach the appropriate age with NetGenie that allows kids to access only those websites and applications that are deemed safe for their age groups. Setting up parental controls is a breeze with NetGenie. Simply slide over from one age-group to the other in the NetGenie GUI to create the level of Internet access you want to give to your kids. NetGenie comes with pre-categorized websites and applications that are regularly updated and which take away the inconvenience of manually putting in the website URLs you want to allow or block.
Manage Access to Facebook, Chat, Games for Kids
Limit your kids’ access to Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Online Games and more with NetGenie’s advanced parental controls that let you allow or block specific Internet activities of your kids. Limit the time your kids spend on specific websites and applications with NetGenie’s time-based controls for Internet access. No more worrying yourself about those mid-night gaming or endless surfing and chat sessions!
Customize Internet Access based on Your Needs
NetGenie gives you the flexibility to add specific websites and applications that should be allowed/blocked to match the Internet access needs of your kids. NetGenie’s ‘Website Exceptions’ feature enables you to apply a universal rule for customizing Internet access for the entire family in just a few clicks.
Reports on Online Activities
NetGenie gives you all information you need about security in your home network as well as your kids’ Internet activities– websites visited, online applications used, attempts to visit blocked websites and more – with its logs and reports.
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