The warranty of NetGenie Appliance as well as Adapter starts on the date of purchase and shall be valid for a period thereafter, as in the below given table:


NetGenie Models Appliance Warranty (default) Adapter Warranty (default)
NG11EH, NG11EO 12 months 3 months
NG11VH, NG11VO 24 months for EU countries (except UK and Ireland) & 12 months for rest of other countries 3 months


Subscription Services

The Cyberoam NetGenie appliances come with a 3-year security subscription that includes Parental Controls / Internet Controls (Website Filtering, Application Filtering) and Intrusion Prevention System. After 3 years, customers can renew the security subscription.


For NetGenie Models NG11EH, NG11EO, (NG11VH, NG11VO)* Customers get free support for 3 months over email and phone for basic technical queries related to NetGenie installation / deployment. For NetGenie models (NG11VH, NG11VO)* Customers get free support for 1 year over email and phone for queries related to NetGenie installation / deployment and other technical issues. Customers can avail support services post end of the last date by purchasing the support subscription. Upon purchase of support subscription by the Customer, NetGenie appliance warranty shall automatically get extended up to the validity of support subscription.  

Free Support Description Models
3 Months Phone and email support NG11EH, NG11EO, *(NG11VH, NG11VO) – purchased before 1-8-2014
1 Year Phone and email support *(NG11VH, NG11VO) – Purchased on or after 1-8-2014
Note1: NG11VH and NG11VO come with 2 year security subscription. To avail FREE 3rd year Security subscription, customer needs to register their NetGenie appliance. Details available on
Note2: The use of NetGenie appliance by the Customer shall be subject to the Customers unconditional acceptance of the terms and condition of the following End User License Agreement.
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