Secure Wireless Router - NetGenie
  • Mike not only is able to keep his productivity high by controlling what his employees access on th internet and for how long putting an end to uncontrolled surfing but also keeps them happy by giving them time based access to social media/chat/entertainment sites during Lunch breaks and tea breaks. He says VPN feature makes his access secure from anywhere and report on employees' surfing habits enables him to take appropriate actions in advance . NetGenie is a very good bargain as most other competing prodcuts are priced not less than 600 pounds a year!

    - Mike Annesley, UK

  • While I wanted my employees to be able to use Facebook as marketing tool, I knew that it could also mean a lot of wasteful hours. Then I chose NetGenie. Now I could easily configure to give time based access to each and every employee as per their needs. For the marketing guy, the allotted hour for social media access was just about enough to complete his promotional posts. And during lunch hours all of them could access it for personal use. It was a happy arrangement. Safe secure and productive!

    - Frank Bentwood, Small business owner

  • After I have deployed NetGenie in my office networks, I feel much in control of things. I am travelling and still I can see everything that is going on in my network through its remote management. My employees know that their every move online is visible in the reports. This keeps them from surfing unnecessarily. Keeps my team productive as we all know Internet could also be a great distraction. And the security it provides at a price point which is much lower than other competitive products.

    - Mike Gellar, Small Business owner

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