How To Connect Alexa To WiFi Without App? [2021 Updated Guide]

Technology is advancing day by day, and so do we. As a result, in today’s time, we live in a world that is surrounded by plenty of Nex-Gen devices that promise to make our lives easier. And, Virtual assistants are one among them. With time, we have encountered many models of virtual assistants like Siri from iPhone, Assistant from Google, Cortana from Microsoft, and Alexa Amazon, that are capable of performing a plethora of functions with nothing but a voice command. However, one such that became the most popular of all is the Alexa from Amazon, all because of the plethora of features it has to offer to the users

Alexa, together with Echo, has truly opened up a whole wide world of opportunity for the users. With its use, you can do voice communication, play music, make to-do lists, set alarms, stream podcasts, play audiobooks, get the weather forecast, traffic updates, and more such real-time information. Moreover, by integrating it with other devices, you can enjoy the unlimited perks of home automation as well. These second-generation Echo devices seamlessly integrate with music streaming services and smart home devices. The new built-in visual screens in these devices allow you to see the person standing at your front door, watch your sleeping baby, follow a recipe, or watch a movie or video.

After all, who would mind a little assistance from a device that runs on fingertips (in this case, voice)? From searching through the internet to switching on/off lights, all possible with just voice and that too in a fraction of time. However, to enjoy the perks of having digital assistance, Alexa, you would want to gain the know-how of these devices and to know how Alexa connects to WiFi. In this particular guide, we are going to discuss all of these. Let’s get started.

how to connect alexa to internet

How to Set Up Alexa?

Setting up the Alexa is quite simple and takes just a few minutes to perform. For this, you would need an Amazon Echo device or any other Alexa-enabled device. Here, out of many, the Echo Dot is the most popular among the customers, as it offers an unlimited number of advanced features and capabilities that one can imagine. Once connected to your home Wi-Fi, it allows you to play music, creates a schedule, control gadgets and devices, and more. But, to enjoy these functions of Alexa, you need to connect the device to your place’s Wi-Fi.

There are two ways to Echo Dot or any other Alexa enabled devices to Wi-Fi. The first one is, using the Alexa application on the phone, and another one is without using the application (the unusual one). Below we have mentioned both the ways which one can use according to the preference.

Tip: Make sure to choose a central location to set up your device where it has a clear path to receive Wi-Fi signals as well as the proximity of the other devices connected to the Alexa.

How to Connect Alexa to the Internet?

Here are the steps that will quickly help you to set up Alexa using the app *Before proceeding, make sure the Wi-Fi has a working internet connection.

Note: If you would like to add another device, go to the app’s home screen and tap the More button present on the bottom right-hand side. Click on Add a device and follow the above steps.

alexa connect to wifi

How to Connect Alexa to Wi-Fi Without Using App?

If you choose to connect your Alexa device to a Wi-Fi network without using the Alexa app, follow the below steps. Also, before you start, make sure you have high-speed internet on your phone.

If you are using a computer, follow the steps below. (The method can be used on the phone as well)

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How To Fix: Alexa Is Not Connecting To The Internet:

If you have been facing trouble connecting your device to the Internet, you may try restarting your Echo device (this is the most obvious method, but in most cases, it works). However, if the issue persists, follow the below steps to resolve your Internet connectivity problem.

Make sure the router or modem is working well and has an active internet connection. If not, try to restart the modem so that Alexa connects to Wi-Fi.

In case of having more than one WiFi at the place and only one work, you can check if you are connected to the right one. Also, if you have a dual-band Wi-Fi network, make sure that your device and phone are on the same band.

Make sure to choose a central location to set up your device where it has a clear path to receive Wi-Fi signals.

If you are setting up the Echo for the first time, make sure you add the correct Wi-Fi password in the device settings. Or else, if you have changed your wifi password recently, do not forget to update your Echo as well. Go to the Echo setting on the Alexa app to change the password.

Amazon gets your Wi-Fi passwords so that you can easily switch between the devices. But, if you are facing the Wi-Fi connectivity issue, try deleting the password from Amazon and rerun the Wi-Fi setup on the Alexa app, and this might resolve your problem.

The Wi-Fi extenders are used for increasing the Wi-Fi range. However, many times the Echo doesn’t go well with them. Try to disconnect the extender and connect the Echo directly with the router.

An un-updated Alexa app might be the reason for your case of Wi-Fi interruptions. So you must consider updating the app to debug all the internet errors.

If none of the above-mentioned methods works, you can also look into the router security. You would find the WPA and WPA2 security methods in the router. Use either of them. Every router has different steps, so look for the instructions according to your model.

Echo is compatible with both the Wi-Fi bands, the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. So, if you switch to an alternative one, you might solve the problem quite easily. Define both the bands clearly in the router settings and make sure that your phone and the Echo are connected with the same band.

We suggest you opt for this, only if the above solutions fail. Remember, if you reset the device, you will lose all your previous settings and have to set it up again like a new Echo device.

how to connect alexa to the internet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

Yes, you can switch the voice to English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Hindi.

No. Echo devices are designed to detect wake words like Alexa, Amazon, Computer, or Echo. So no audio is sent or stored to the cloud unless a wake word is said.

To reset your Echo Dot, follow the steps below:

  •       Press the Action button on the top of the Echo Dot and hold it for around 20-25 seconds.
  •       As you perform the above step, the light ring on the device will turn orange and begin to circulate and then turn to blue before turning orange again.
  •       Once you observe the above step happening, that means your device has got back to the factory setting.

To fix this issue, try the methods mentioned below:

  •       Try to speak clearly.
  •       Try to rephrase your command and make it more specific.
  •       Make sure your internet connection is working properly.
  •       Check whether the device is not muted. If you see the red light on the device, it is muted.
  •       If your device doesn’t have a screen, check by pressing the Action button if your Echo device responds.
  •       Make sure your command is not blocked by walls, other speakers, or background noise.
  •       Restart your device.

Yes, you can. These devices can be used and carry out their full functions in the same place without interrupting each other.

Final Verdict:

There is no denying that the process of setting up Alexa is daunting for everyone at first. We hope that after going through the guide, your thoughts have changed, and you will be easily able to set up Alexa. If the above information helped you in clearing the doubts on how to connect Alexa to Wi-Fi with and without an app, let us know below. Also, if you are still facing any issues or doubts regarding the Alexa setup, reach out to us through the comments section below.



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