Things to keep in mind for Internet Safety for Kids
Internet Safety for kids has become a global concern as Internet doesn’t come with a user manual. According to a research by Cyberoam NetGenie, 75% parents are highly concerned about their kids’ internet safety. Kids get lured to inappropriate online content and become victims of cyber attacks like cyber-stalking, child-pornography, sextortion and cyber-bullying.
Most of the times, kids land up on harmful websites that contain adult and violent content, unintentionally. Statistics reveal that an average 11 year old lands up on adult content on the Internet atleast once. Looking at parents’ woes, 79% parents are concerned about their kids spending more time on non-academic activities on the Internet.76 % parents are worried regarding the endless chatting and surfing sessions of kids.75% parents are concerned over kids’ accessing unauthorized/adult/violent content.
For kids’ Internet Safety, it becomes important for parents to give a proper guideline to their kids which makes them aware about the pros and cons of Internet surfing. The first and foremost rule for Internet safety for kids is to have a strong and frank communication relationship between parents and kids. Here are few points which parents can share with their kids for a safe and secure Internet Surfing:
Prepare a time schedule for using Internet and follow it religiously. Make sure that it doesn’t interfere with other activities.
Always use a good mix of alphabets and numbers to create a strong password for all internet accounts.
Always follow an ethical and responsible online behavior. Ensure not to use internet to spread gossip, rumors, fraud and also not to bully, or threaten others.
Always check with parents before downloading or installing any software or application. Avoid doing anything that could possibly cause damage to the devices like computer, smartphones and tablets. It can jeopardize the network privacy.
Always avoid responding to mails, messages or websites that are sexually obscene or has threatening content.
Always raise concerns in case of any uncomfortable online information.
Avoid befriending strangers and not to meet only online friends in real world.
These points, if worked upon religiously, will take care of basic Internet safety for kids.
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