Your Internet-My Internet
Description: Internet doesn't mean the same for parents and kids. Their usage, need and perspective to the same Internet is different. Does this difference in perspective land kids in danger zone ? read further to know- My Internet and Your Internet.
Internet has transformed into a private property than a family owned property lately. Thanks to the exuberant rise in Internet connecting devices viz smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops, family members are being outnumbered by these devices owned in each household. "A family which surfs together" - is a rarity to find. Are parents and kids missing out something to read in between the lines? Yes, absolutely they are.
HOW did it start?
The primary difference is -parents completed their school and college assignments without Google and Wikipedia. They heard music on cassettes and radio instead of iPods. For them, conventionally, the Internet still remains a great pool of information and entertainment. It has made their life more convenient thanks to loads of online services viz. online booking, banking, social networking etc. For the working parents, it also facilitates business communication and also provides easy downloads for different forms of entertainment. As parents, you know what is good and bad on Internet. For parents using Internet all alone, it has become "My" Internet.
What about Your internet?
An average teenager spends more than 31 hours weekly on social networks. 73% teens check their phones before bed and 72% are on connected on their devices first thing in the morning! The screen generation of today is surrounded by laptop, tablet, iPod, and smartphones all the time. They flaunt their cool lifestyles through Facebook, Whatsapp and BBM statuses. None of the parties, picnics, events of life and even daily routine are complete without uploading those pictures on social network. They do more tweeting, tagging, commenting and sharing than probably actual speaking in real life.
No wonder then, the extent to which kids are spending their time on the Internet is leaving parents jittery when their kids are using the Internet in their own ways. Parents label this kind of surfing by their kids as YOUR Internet!
Internet has devoured so much time and persona of the kids that a single Internet connection at home has diverged into MY Internet and Your Internet at the same time creating a divide between parents and kids. Kids are not aware of the looming dangers in forms of viruses, hackers, online predators, stranger’s friend requests, and surfing Internet idly for hours together. The need to stay safe online is not realised by them. For parents, Internet has obviously made life more easy and convenient with all the information available in one click. But it is a discerning fact that their kids’ safety on Internet is a major problem. Known and unknown risks of Internet mount to their inability to defend their kids’ safety in the online world.
It is time for parents to step in, bridge this divide and keep their kids safe online with NetGenie.
Cyberoam NetGenie , a smart wireless router with family protection, provides you with age-wise parental controls, scheduling Internet access for specific websites and applications, offering in-built security of Anti-Virus and Firewall, along with threat-free Wi-Fi access over multiple devices.
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