Adult Content Online: A Global Endemic
Description: Sexually Explicit content online is spreading like an endemic, thanks to Internet. Child Sexual Abuse, one of its many forms, disrupts healthy development of children. Depression, insecurity and rape psyche curbs their initial growing fantasies. It’s time to safeguard their childhood from such ghastly content.
Child Sexual Abuse -in all its forms is a heinous crime to parasite the thinking, attitude, behaviour and life, in the whole run, of its victim and viewer. With the Internet, there are no borders and few laws. It is addictive, if not immediately but in the long run. It takes time and slowly infests the users’ life with insecurity, malicious images about relationship and fills him with shame, frustration and fright.-Yes we are talking about the latest epidemic across the globe: Online Pornography. Around 30 % of all internet traffic is pornography, and the biggest porn site gets over four billion page views and 350 million unique visits per month, a study has found.
According to a Daily Mail report, viewing online adult content is third to Google and Facebook in terms of Internet traffic.
With the development of the Internet, child pornography has become a thriving underground industry for paedophiles, primarily because the Internet allows them to remain hidden and anonymous. Paedophiles exchange information and their wares with other paedophiles over the Internet.
Child pornography is the most tragic of all because it requires the actual sexual abuse of children. Produced in the form of still pictures, video or movies, child porn is literally a permanent recording of a heinous and despicable crime in progress.
The Internet has proven as a convenient medium for paedophiles and sexual predators as they distribute child pornography, engage in sexually explicit conversations with children, and seek victims in chat rooms. These paedophiles hunt for their victims who are vulnerable because of lack of security options on their devices. The more adult content these individuals access, the higher the risk of their acting out what they see, including sexual assault, rape, and child molestation. 87% of university students polled have virtual sex mainly using Instant Messenger, webcam, and telephone ("CampusKiss and Tell" University and College Sex Survey).The largest group of viewers of Internet porn is children between ages 12 and 17 (Family Safe Media survey).
Child pornography hampers the innocent growth of children. They start imitating such explicit stuff in real life, on younger children. It leaves a sinister patch on their healthy development and they remain in reclusive mood. If they are victimised by any predator, the situation worsens as the child suffers from depression, shame, anger, and frustration. The turmoil hardens when they are not able to convey it to their parents. Parents need to develop a frank communication with their kids, and assure them that if they land up in any such scoop, they will always support them. Cyberoam NetGenie understands the need of the hour to protect kids from such dangerous stuff online. Get NetGenie’s advanced age-wise parental controls, visit for more details.
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