Router with parental controls: The latest addition on parents’ wish list
Kids have easy access to the Internet today, thanks to the next-generation devices like desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and many more. According to a Cyberoam NetGenie research, 94 % kids who connect to the Internet from home have a personal computer followed by laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, tablets and PDAs. Parents thus need an advanced Parental control router that can help them keep a tab on their kids’ activities.
Research reveals that kids spend more time on listening to music, surfing the web for entertainment purposes and playing games. Extended hours on the Internet, that too on non-academic content, leaves parents worried about their kids’ safety on the Internet, especially in context of exposure to inappropriate online content.
Parental control router is the answer to parents’ problems. Here’s how:
Besides its many educational benefits, Internet poses as a big bad world for kids. Here are a few statistics that reveal shocking Internet trends concerning kids:
The Pornography industry comes third after Google and Facebook. 30 % of total global Internet traffic is porn.
Studies in US reveal that about 30% of US teenagers engage in sending their nude pictures via email or text. Specifically, every 1 in 4 teenagers has sent a nude picture of him/her through electronic media.
With 2,77,000 logins each minute, Facebook is the hub for social activity. The wealth of interaction, users and information on Facebook makes it a lucrative target for attackers.
Every 2 out 5 kids have been asked for personal information online by strangers.
Facebook Addiction disorder and Internet Addiction disorders are the latest types of disorders found in this screen generation- thanks to unabated use of the Internet.
How can a parental control router help?
Advanced router with parental control can help by making the Internet safe for kids. It can block all inappropriate content like adult content, violence, pornography, gaming sites, and more, for kids. Categorization of websites based on content will help parents in keeping their kids safe online. Scheduled access to Internet sites and applications like social networking, gaming, mailing, Instant Messengers and more, can be done on a weekly or daily basis. This will reduce idle long hours of Internet surfing by kids – a fact that has been eating into the sleep and study time of kids. Router with parental control help parents to block and allow specific websites and applications on the Internet, get reports of users’ Internet activities and keep viruses, hackers and sexual predators at bay. Parental control routers are the best remedy for parents who want to leave their kids alone on the Internet and not hover around their kids to monitor their every step on the Internet.
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