8 Best Tri-Band Router In 2021 [Reviews and Buying Guides]

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With the changing times, the demand for good internet connectivity has significantly increased. More and more people engage in activities that require steady, fast internet like gaming, video and audio streaming and editing, heavy data and file transfer. Hence, the demand for tri- and routers has significantly increased. Tri-band routers, which were used in offices are now being used even for residential purposes since they give high-speed internet and steady signal strength, complemented by extensive coverage. Are you unsure about which is the best tri-band router that suits your needs? Read on, to find out!

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Best Tri-Band Routers Reviews

1. Linksys Tri-Band Wifi Router

If one wants to cover medium-sized areas, extend the range and coverage without any drop or inconsistency in the signal strength, one can buy this router. It offers good, evenly distributed signal strength and connection throughout its range. This router has three bands and each of them offers different speeds. The speed offered by each band is strong and the speed offered by the router when the three bands are combined is also good, which enables quick internet access and usage. The speed of the router does not depend upon the devices connected to it. It offers equal speed to both iOS and Android devices, making it one of the best tri-band routers available. 

It has MU-MIMO technology that enables more than one user to steam simultaneously using this router. This router is good for spaces that are neither too large nor too small.  People who require quick and consistent connection throughout like gamers and people running small-scale offices can definitely go for this product. The internet speed that this router offers also makes it a suitable choice for people whose work involves a lot of multitasking over the internet. It has decent design and futuristic features. However, the router does not work well (ie) does not offer great speeds when one needs to cover large areas. 


2. Netgear Nighthawk R8000

The router is designed differently from other routers that can be found in the market. It has six antennas emerging from its body hence it takes up a lot of space. The antennas are flexible and can be moved in the direction one wants. It has 4 1G connections that impart high speed to the internet connection established between the router and the device. They help in establishing wired connections between the router and the device, for faster internet when compared to wireless band connectivity. The router uses both the Circle app, which can be configured for parental controls and Smart Connect, which helps one access the router’s usage and activity, making it one of the best tri-band wireless routers. 

It offers high coverage and range and can be used in places where a large area needs to be provided with internet connectivity. It has three bands, which offer high individual speeds too. Since the device provides high speed and steady internet connectivity, it is suitable for purposes like video and audio streaming, gaming and data transfer. The router has MU-MIMO features that allow more than one user to stream at the same time. Further, the router offers steady and high signal strength. 


3. TP-Link C5400X

If one wants a router that is specifically designed for gaming, one can definitely buy this router. The router looks cool but is quite large. It has 8 antennas which form high beams and imparts great signal strength and consistency to all devices connected to the router. It has 8 Gigabit ports. However, the router is sure to stand out from the rest, due to its radical design. It is specifically built for hardcore gamers. Its optimization is dynamic hence it reduces the occurrence of latency, making it one of the best triband wireless routers in the market. 

This way, the user can prioritize over all the devices connected to the router and decide which device must obtain the highest, most steady signal strength. Hence it ensures interruption-free connectivity and steady bandwidth. It has Range boost features that help extend the range of the router and the reception strength. It has MU-MIMO technology that helps multiple users to stream simultaneously and achieve high throughput.


4. Gryphon AC3000 Mesh Router

If one wants to cover a huge area without spending too much, one can consider this product. The router can be propped up vertically hence it occupies less space and cools faster and does not overheat easily. The design also helps the router blend easily with the interior décor of wherever it is placed. The device does not have external antennas. It has only internal antennas hence it does not occupy a lot of space and has better aesthetic appeal. The router is pretty easy to set up and use. It can also be linked to other Gryphon routers to extend coverage and comes with inbuilt security features like filtering content and detecting malware.

Since this is a mesh router, it has multiple access points distributed all throughout the mesh and each point can connect to a lot of devices. This way, the coverage is significantly increased and the router offers an excellent range. The three bands on this router enable high speed, consistent internet connectivity. It also has MU-MIMO technology, which helps more than one user stream simultaneously from the router. Hence multiple users can access the internet at the same time without any lag or interruption. Even near devices located far away from the router, great signal strength and consistency is found. Hence it can be called the best tri-band router 2021. 


5. Netgear Orbi Mesh WiFi

The highlight of this product is its design. Its design is sleek and offers a premium look and feel. Its functioning is pretty competitive, with a lot of high- end features. Each of the three bands offers good speed and when combined together, the tri-band system offers high-speed internet connectivity. The internet connectivity is pretty stable and the signal density is even and strong. It is a great choice for applications where a lot of data needs to be transferred and downloaded, streaming 4K videos and high-quality audio, gaming and applications that require high data transfer rates with steady internet speed, making it one of the best tri-band routers. 

Since this is a mesh router, it shows better coverage when compared to traditional routers. The internet connectivity is in the form of a mesh with many access points where multiple devices can be connected. The mesh is pretty flexible and can also be extended if necessary. Hence this router offers great range and impressive coverage, without compromising on the signal strength and consistency. It also has Ethernet ports where users can establish wired connections with the devices to get higher internet speeds. However, users report problems with the latest firmware updates of this device, which seem to negatively impact the device’s performance. 


6. Netgear Nighthawk X10

It has a good design, with four large antennas resting on top of the router and can be placed only horizontally. It has 6 Ethernet ports, where one can connect devices through wires for faster, more stable internet connectivity. The router also has USB drives, so that storage drives can be shared even with other devices, like printers. It supports Wi-Fi according to the latest Wi-Fi protocols. It offers great coverage and is a pretty good choice for people who want to extend internet connectivity to large areas hence it is one of the best triband wireless routers.  

The router has Beamforming technology, which helps the router ensure signal strength even near devices that are located far away from the router. It has MU-MIMO technology hence multiple users can stream simultaneously, without facing any interruption or lag. It also has 4K streaming support which ensures that device issues don’t interfere with the streaming. Hence this device is suitable for streaming high- quality audio and video and shows great performance. 


7. ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000

If one is looking for a router that specially caters to gaming, one can definitely buy this product. Its design is unique and it takes up a lot of space. However, the bottom is flat hence the router does not slip and fall easily. It has 8 antennas which are high- powered. This way, the router has excellent reach and every point in the access range of this router experiences high speed, steady internet. It also has a 2.5 G gaming port, which helps the router deliver great performance during gaming, making it one of the best tri-band routers. 

Further, this router also comes with inbuilt Asus AiProtection and the gaming interface is based on the ROG theme which offers quick and easy control for gamers. It offers huge game acceleration and increases game traffic while reducing the ping rate and latency. Hence this router is the best choice for hardcore gamers. 


8. TP-Link- AC5400

If one is a first time user who does not know how to utilize a tri-band router to the fullest, one can definitely buy this product. The highlight of this product is its ease of use, especially when it comes to accessing features like parental control, screening and monitoring router and internet usage. It has an aesthetic look with a black body and glossy coating. It offers great speed and performance and is suitable for gaming and applications that involve a lot of data upload and data download. The device has Ethernet ports that help it connect with other devices through wires, thereby increasing the internet speed on those devices, making it one of the best tri-band routers that can be bought. 

It has enhanced security features like easy to use controls and inbuilt antivirus firewalls. It protects the user from potential malware. This router is most suited for residential usage and small offices. It does not have the capacity to connect to a lot of wired devices hence it may not be suitable for large- scale workplaces. This router provides steady, high-speed connections when the number of devices connected to it is limited. Its performance may drop when connected to a large number of devices by establishing wired connections. It has good features/ cost ratio. 


The Best Tri-Band Routers Buying Guide

Tri-band routers are suitable only for people who use the internet intensively and require steady, high-speed connection and data transfer rates. If one is into hardcore gaming, streaming and editing high-quality audio and video files, one can buy tri-band routers. However, if one uses the internet only for browsing, email and social media, one does not need these routers. 

This is a crucial factor that ought to be considered before setting up a tri-band router. If one wants to cover large areas, one can buy powerful tri-band routers. There are tri-band routers that cater to small spaces as well. Hence depending on the area to be covered and the number of devices to be connected, one can choose. 

Before buying, one must check the number and type of devices that the router can support. If one has to connect a large number of devices, one must check their compatibility and number of Ethernet ports (for high speed wired connections) on the router.

Though the tri-band routers can offer high speeds, they can never exceed the speed limit offered in the internet package the user has subscribed to. That is, one cannot obtain speeds higher than whatever one is paying for, through the subscription to their ISP.


AC routers help the user exclusively utilize the 5 GHz band. This way, they help to connect the entire network with speeds as high as possible. AD routers focus on delivering high speeds at short distances. AX routers are faster than AC routers and focus on providing high-speed internet to large areas. 

Wireless bands are basically the means through which data transfer occurs. The bands make use of radio frequencies to transfer data between the router and the device. 

Since the tri-band router has one 2.4GHz band and 5GHz bands, it gives faster data transfer since it accepts router input faster. It operates with lesser interference from other routers/ devices and gives the best, competitive tradeoff between high speeds and large coverage. 

If one wants very high speeds for streaming and gaming but restricts the range of the device, one can choose the 5GHz band. If one wants to cover large areas without the need to provide very high internet speeds, one can choose the 2.4GHz band. 

A tri-band router works by increasing the overall bandwidth. This way, it increases the upload and download speeds of one’s network and brings in more router input (from the device to the router) in a short period of time. 

Final Verdict

Out of all the products listed here, the best tri-band router is the Gryphon AC3000 Mesh Router. It has aesthetic design, exhibits solid performance and extensive coverage. It does not overheat easily and is capable of providing strong and steady signals throughout the period of usage. It has a lot of inbuilt security features that act as firewalls against potential threats and detect malware and prevent the installation of malware on the router. It has good control features and one can easily track the usage of the router. It has high features/ cost ration and offers great value for money, hence it is the best choice for hardcore gamers, intensive residential and medium- sale office usage.

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