7 Best WiFi SD Card In 2021 [Reviews and Buying Guides]

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We all remember SD cards. They are tiny cards that would have thousands of gigabytes in it and it was one of the most popular ways to store data. Over time, the storage capacity of these cards has increased and their size has decreased which is great! The biggest disadvantage of these cards was that they need to be connected manually with wires or have to be inserted which makes it difficult to use. Hence, WiFi SD cards were introduced. 

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It is an amalgamation of SD cards with WiFi.  You can use these cards in a wireless way using a WiFi connection. It makes the work easier and mess-free. The WiFi SD card connects devices wirelessly and transfers and uploads data. These days a variety of cards provide various apps to access and view data easily.  

Now after taking great travel photos in your DSLR camera, you don’t need to work a lot on transferring data from one device to another. 

These WiFi SD cards are mostly used to transfer videos and photos from cameras to laptops, PCs, tablets and mobile phones. There are multiple WiFi Dd cards available which are used for different purposes and devices. Usually, these cards have 8,16 or 32 GB storage. This WiFi technology feature is currently available only for full-sized SD cards and not micro SD cards. Some cards don’t have their own storage and you need to add your own micro SD card. The most common characteristics that differ between each SD card are the brand and transfer speed! 

Since there are so many options available, we have reviewed the best WiFi SD cards of 2021. You can choose and buy your card according to your requirements.

Best WiFi SD Card Reviews

1. Canon Wi-Fi Adapter W-E1

This WiFi card W-E1 is a compatible dual card-slot EOS camera which allows your WiFi to get connected. When you connect your camera to a compatible iOS or smartphone, you can share pictures. The images are transferred, uploaded through the web and then viewed. This wireless card allows you to capture images from a distance of 10m too. The best part is that it is compatible and the WiFi adapter fits into the SD card slot of a dual card slot EOS. Hence there is no extra bulk or space required. It connects with software- EOS Utility (for PC and Mac) and Canon Camera Connect App (for compatible Android and iOS devices) and supports JPEG and MP4 file formats for transfer. 


2. Toshiba FlashAir 4th Generation SD Wifi Memory card

This fourth-generation SD WiFi card has a very high transfer speed which makes it the best WiFi SD card. You can share photos from your camera to seven phones simultaneously. This can be done in a place where this is low 3G/4G/LTE or no WiFi access point. You can transfer up to 49.4 MB of video! 

This card comes with the “Eyefi Connected” feature which prevents a camera from automatically shutting down when wirelessly connected with Flash Air. It supports all kinds of data formats -.jpg, .mpg, .raw, .pdf, .pptx, etc. You can use this to transfer to cameras, mobile phones, PCs and tablets. It is great for 3D printers that can accommodate a full-size SD card. It is quick and reliable. 


3. Transcend 16 GB Wi-Fi SDHC Class 10 Memory Card

This WiFi SD card lets you transfer photos and videos anywhere in a wireless format. You just need to insert the card in your camera, turn the camera on and then the WiFi will be enabled automatically in the direct share mode. You can view the photos in the WiFi card app available in iOS and Android. You can share to three devices at one time. It supports the JBG, BMP and PNG image formats and AVI, MOV, MP4, M2T, MTS, M2TS video formats.  


4. EZ share wifi sd card Memory Card SDHC Card

This card enables transfer via WiFi, hotspot or terminal support and has a class 10 performance. It is heavily secured and private as it includes a WiFi password, SSID, WiFi channel and administrator password. It can support iPhone, iPad, smartphone, laptop and tablet. It can be used in iOS, android and windows! The indoor and outdoor WiFi transmission is 5-10 meters and 20-50 meters respectively. The “share switch” feature maximises the battery of the device. 

It supports the following pictures format: JPG, RAW, CRW, MRW, ORF, RAF, X3F, NEF,KDC, PTX, PEF, CR2, TIF, MOS, K25, MEF, MPO,SRF, SR2, DNG, ARW, RW2, BAY, DCS, DRF, NRW RWL, SRW, 3FR, PNG, BMP. 

Video format: AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV, MTS, ASF, 3GP.


5. Eyefi mobiProZ-32 Mobi Pro 32GB WiFi SDHC CARD

This 32GB WiFi SD card has a class performance and transfers JPEG, RAW and videos to your smartphone, PC, MacBook, tablet easily. The Eyefi Cloud Enables the photos to be organised in a single, deduplicated library. The photos are synced to all your devices and are backed up to the desktop and the cloud. Eyefi Mobi Pro provides a year of unlimited, free, private, and secure cloud storage. If you are on the location, then this card will create and use a private secure connection. The photos are always available as Eyefi cloud optimises all of the photos. It includes a one year Eyefi cloud membership. It is great for travelling purposes. This is one of the best WiFi SD Cards. 


6. VOORCA 16 GB Wireless WiFi Class 10 WiFi SD Memory Card

Through the Voorca WiFi card, you can share, videos and even music wirelessly. It has a class 10 transfer speed which will save you time. You can share data to up to seven devices. It supports MP3 and WAV for music, PNG, JPG and BMP for images and AVI, MOV and MP4 for videos. It is a single-piece metal casing and was created by high precision cutting. It is perfect for everyday use as it is dustproof, anti-dirt and anti-scratch. This card is compatible with all devices. You can back up your data too. 


7. VOORCA 8 GB Wireless WiFi Class 10 WiFi SD Memory Card

This compact card helps in transferring photos, videos and music. It supports AVI, MOV and MP4 videos and MP4 and MOV videos for IOS. The formats music and images are MP3, WAV and BMP, JPG, PNG respectively. This card is precise and has a metal casing with a cutting which makes it easy to use every day. It is a class 10 card which makes transferring smooth and quick. 


Best WiFi SD Card Buying Guide

The most frequent and popular WiFi range is 802.11 b/n/g and it is the best as it enables high transfer speed when compared to others. This also determines the area it will cover. You may need a higher connectivity range if you want to transfer data to a device which is not very near to you.

This factor varies from one person to another. It depends upon the quality of the image and purpose. If it is for professional use, we may need high capacity storage WiFi SD cards but if it is for a small number of images, we can use 16gb or 8gb.

If we are using this device for the first time we should buy those cards which have simple, easy steps to follow. But if we are looking for professional purposes and have the prerequisite knowledge we can use the cards which require software and apps as they provide many more options.

The best wifi SD cards can facilitate the sharing of data to up to 7 devices simultaneously. The more devices that can be connected, more time is saved. So depending upon the use, we can figure out the minimum number of devices we want to be connected in one use.

There are so many photo formats like PNG, BMP, etc. Similarly, there are many videos and music formats too. Each card can not support every format. We must try to choose a card which supports most of these formats or choose a card that supports the required format which we have.

The other factors to consider are the dimension of the card, type of data it can transfer( eg: videos, photos), the supporting platform, the camera, the class(class 2, 4,6 or 10- higher the class, quicker the work), etc.


The card makes its own network and via this, your devices get connected. Then through this data is transferred. 

The data stored in normal SD cards have to be transferred by plugging in the card to your PC or laptop and then to other devices. Whereas, the WiFi SD cards just need a wifi or data connection. 

This device allows you to use the usual SD card as a WiFi SD card. You just need to insert the usual card into the adapter to use it as a WiFi card.

Yes, they can be used to play music in cars if we use the car WiFi system. The card will connect to the car WiFi but not all cars have this feature. 

Yes, these cards may affect the battery of a device as a transfer of data adds some strain to the device.  

Final Verdict

Keeping those WiFi SD cards review and buying guides in mind, you can choose your ideal card. These were the best wifi SD cards of 2021. These cards enable hassle-free transfer and are easier and quicker to use. They are the best way to transfer data while maintaining its quality. They get connected to any network! Investing in these cards is a great idea. The best part about these cards is that they are compact yet functional. Few cards use their own networks, while few have to access to existing networks. Most of these cards can be used for any device.

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