Synology 2 bay NAS DS218plus – Worth Buying?

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Cloud storage is a trend nowadays, but very few consider the downside of this service which compromises privacy. You can argue that services like Google Cloud and Apple iCloud are well-encrypted so what is there to worry about and troubles with privacy are rare. But it is quite the contrary and you cannot always be sure about the safety of the data you are storing. As very few bother to encrypt, this can be a bigger problem than what you think- especially if you have sensitive data stored in the first place. 

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Issues like this are one of the major reasons which have made many people look for alternatives and as a result, the demand for NAS is growing by the day. NAS or Network Attached Storages help to create a home server where you can store media and other data from all the devices in the house which connect with it over the internet. It is your centralized digital storage that can also be expanded depending on the brand and the model you choose.

As regular customers are becoming more and more aware of the security breaches possible in cloud storage, the demand for these devices is soaring high. One of the brands which is dominating this market is Synology and 2 Bay NAS DiskStation, DS218+ is one of their classic choices. You get various features like 4K video transcoding and 24TB space. A high-speed device powered by a 64bit, 1.4GHz quad-core processor and 1GB DDR4 RAM, the device is smooth enough with up to 112 Mb/s sequential reading as well as writing throughout.

In this blog, we will share our view on the NAS and experts’ opinions as well so that you can make an informed decision about purchasing it.

Synology 218+ Reviews:

In terms of performance, the Synology 2 bay NAS diskstation ds218+ gives outstanding performance with the default configuration as long as you are not installing and running too many apps and sync tasks. For most users, the default 2GB RAM suffices though there is an option to expand.

The speed is decent, thanks to the dual-core Intel Celeron J3355 processor. Downloading even 4K movies is quite smooth and you can get the claimed download speed of 112Mb/s which is commendable. This was witnessed while testing the device by downloading a 4K 15.46GB movie using an ethernet gigabit cable. However, when the same movie was downloaded over Wi-Fi AC on MacBook Pro, the speed was considerably less at 4Mb/s. to upload the same file on a wire PC through the NAS, the speed was observed around 10Mb/s. Similarly, while trying to upload and download image files of varying sizes in bulk, the speed was noted between 28Mb/s- 62Mb/s. overall these are impressive transfer speeds for a NAS.

In terms of live streaming, the diskstation ds218+ could stream 1080p videos easily and two at a time. Initially, the CPU utilization was 82% which eventually dropped to 43%. During this time, the RAM utilization was below 40%. However, streaming a 4K movie with AC3 sound was trickier with this NAS. While the video played smoothly, there was no audio output. But on the brighter side, one can stream audio on three devices simultaneously which is very impressive.

Coming to the hardware and their functionality- the Synology 218+ have expandable RAM and memory making it a practical and long-term investment. While extreme high quality like AC3 audio along with 4K movies lagged, the requirements of regular users will be fulfilled exceeding the expectations. Heating up is not a problem for this device either, but over the period, it does suck in a lot of dust which can get problematic. However, it is nothing severe that cannot be solved with frequent dusting. Overall, the NAS is an attractive and power-packed choice when you are looking for a cost-effective device.

Outstanding Features:

Equipped with Intel Celeron J3355 (2.0GHz or 2.5 GHz in burst mode) and dual-core, the Synology DS218+ has an AES-NI hardcore encryption engine. There is a 2GB DDR3L RAM and 30fps 4K video transcoding. Two drive bays are compatible with 3.5inches and 2.5 inches HDD and with 2.5 inches SSD. There are two RAM slots and the maximum RAM you can have on this device is 6GB.

For optimum data protection and scaling the device supports BTRFS. There are 2 2.0USB ports at the backside and one 3.0USB port at the front as well as an eSATA port and a gigabit LAN port. The reading speed is 113Mb/s and the writing speed is 112Mb/s. Moreover, it can support certain Bluetooth and Wi-Fi adaptors, if you want to make it a wireless system. Being one of the most affordable NAS by Synology, it has several notable features like data access over the internet, file sharing, cloud syncing, and multimedia streaming. The device runs on Diskstation Manager OS and can also be used through a web browser. The warranty of the product is 2 years.

In terms of design, the DS218+ is very compact and has a simple look. The body is high-quality plastic and has a plastic front cover that is attached to the body with four rubber pins. Under the cover, there are two hot-swappable and tool-less drive bays that are compatible with 2.5- and 3.5-inches storage devices. There are USB ports for further storage expansion if you need them in the future which is an advantage. There is also a reset button and Kensington lock port at the rear. For powering the device, you get a 60W power adaptor along with an ethernet cable.

The installation and setup are quite straightforward. You can easily eject the drive trays with a button on top of them. Moreover, there is a user manual with pictorials to guide you through the process. You can connect it with your router using the ethernet cable and once you start the device for the first time, you need to register and format the hard disk drive with the password and username and update the firmware.

The operating system is installed on the first drive you install on the device. Running on the DiskStation Manager, this device gets one of the best OS available for NAS. There are many features and apps which together make this OS so popular. Some of the apps are Download Station, App station, File Station, iTunes Server, Resource Monitor, Storage Manager, etc.

Expert’s Reviews:

Here’s what some of our experts have got to say about the Synology diskstation ds218+:

With HD transcoding and compatible with PLEX, diskstation ds218+ has all the features you need for a regular user. The expandable RAM is a plus point that will make it last for years. Along with that, the USB 3.0 port makes the transfer rate even faster. The OS which is the latest version of DiskStation Manager is one of the best available for these devices and sinology products dominate the market owing to these OS in their devices. In short, if you are looking for an overall standardized NAS for personal use, at a budget price, this is a good choice.

You can install and run many apps and sync with this device and it is a versatile device with standard specifications which can work in any country. The option to adjust the fan speed lets you use the device in optimum silence. Moreover, the hot-swap bays let you replace the drive fast and smoothly when needed. There is also the eSATA port which lets you install 5 different drives separately. In short, it is one of the most feature-packed NAS you can find in recent times and its specifications are crucial reasons behind its popularity and evolution.

Features of Synology 2 bay NAS diskstation ds218+:

The features of Synology 2 bay NAS diskstation ds218+ are higher than what you can expect from a device at its price. Here’s what you can expect once you set up this device:

Using the File Station, file management and sharing become much easier. The tool is web-based and secure. It is designed to quickly drag and drop the files to the desired location. Moreover, it has an advanced search and filtering option to quickly sort the files when you want to share.

Streaming and accessing all your 4K movies and videos is made much easier on the go with the 4K multimedia server installed on Synology ds218. As the device supports video transcoding at 10bit 4K H265, the accessing is made smoother. You can easily play or convert the 4K video from mobile, PC, computer, tablets, and any other media player which does not support the UHD video formats.

You can get real-time syncing for your data across all your devices, including all NAS devices. This way optimum and proper use of the storage space is done.

The entire device is dependent on the Synology drive which is a cross between File Explorer and Dropbox. Multiple file portals are brought together on the NAS device with the help of this feature. As a result, data management over multiple devices is simplified significantly.

You can easily access and check all the files on DS218+ with the help of Quick Connect. This is done easily over the internet without troubling yourself with any type of complex network settings like DDNS or port forwarding. With this app on DS218+, you can easily link with a secure and customizable address that you can access easily.

The brand has multi-versioning inclusive solutions which help you secure the NAS and the connected devices from any kind of malicious attacks. Avoid encryption-based ransomware hazards with this device easily.

Specifications of Synology 2 bay NAS diskstation ds218+:

When you are looking through Synology ds218+ reviews, the above-mentioned are all the features in detail which you will come across. The device has been around for a while and has been updated several times to make it compatible with the latest technologies.


Considering the specification of the Synology ds218+, one can say it is a good choice for long-term use at home. Since you can connect it with multiple devices in the house and can store a maximum of 32TB, in the domestic environment, it is a perfect choice.

The device consumes approximately 30W to run both drives. You can reduce the power consumption by one watt by changing the settings from the control panel and turning all the LEDs off. Its power consumption is standard for most countries, making it versatile enough to run anywhere in the world.

If sudden and abrupt power cut is a frequent problem in your locality, having a UPS connected with the NAS is a wise choice. Not only that, the UPSC will regulate the voltage and protect it against fluctuation and initiate a proper shut down for the device. All this together will increase the overall life of your device.

When a NAS is maintained well and not handled too roughly, it can last up to 5 years easily at its full capacity. The warranty period of Synology ds218+ is 2 years. 

In the case of Synology ds218+, both the memory and the storage are expandable which means you can upgrade them both when required. The maximum capacity is 32Tb and the RAM can be expanded to 6GB.

Final Verdict:

It can be concluded that if you are in search of a standard and cost-effective Network Access System from a reputed brand, the Synology ds218+ is a wise choice. With all the powerful features and the versatility and durable hardware, it will last for several years for the average user. If data safety and your online privacy are a priority to you, the NAS is the device to go for. To make an effective decision about the best device, you can easily check the detailed review we have shared here before you buy.

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