• David Roth is from a ‘North London IT Support Company’ based in London. Company receives a lot of demand from home consumers looking for an online security solution. Company is thriving to sell more of NetGenie Home units to such Home consumers to help them securing their family and devices from online threats. David also recommends NetGenie SOHO for small business owners to intact their office Productivity.

    - David Roth, North London IT support, UK

  • Karl Howe had worked with Cyberoam earlier but he was really impressed with NetGenie as a product. Karl says most parents neither have time nor the expertise to keep a tab on their children's internet activities to keep them safe online. NetGenie fulfils this unique need by securing kids online by acting as perfect guide while keeping parents informed, in control and free from worry.

    - Karl Howe, UK

  • Roger says NetGenie protects children online uniquely because any parent can easily set it to control what sites they visit, for how much time and when. He escpecially mentions the valuable time based access feature which prevents children from crossing their time limits of online surfing

    - Roger Pocklington, UK